Airbnb Just Checked in its 500 Millionth Guest

“In addition to the 500 million milestone, Airbnb has shared that its hosts have earned $65 billion from renting out space on the platform. That number is expected to swell, quickly, as Airbnb says it saw 152 percent growth in the number of rooms available on its platform. The geographic distribution of guests has expanded, too, with outlying markets increasing their share of arrivals.

Finally, the age of hosts has become more diverse. Seniors are now the fastest-growing demographic in the U.S., while 70 percent of bookings in the last three years were made by guests under the age of 40. Millennials around the world have spent more than $31 billion booking travel on Airbnb.

Everything’s coming up Airbnb!

(Gypsy reference for any musical theatre fans out there.)

Peer to peer rentals are not going anywhere. Want to be part of the next $65 billion Airbnb helps its hosts make? Check out this article by clicking on the link below to read about how they got to this milestone and how they are evolving.

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