6 Steps for Successfully Investing in Vacation Rentals

“Investing in vacation rentals is certainly a different beast. It’s not at all like a regular investment — stays are shorts, seasons matter, and marketing is absolutely king.  The ‘wow’ factor starts the second someone inquires about your property and lasts through the time they check out.  Your task is to figure out how to wow them from start and keep them in awe so they tell everyone else how great the experience is at your property.”

This article by Chris Clothier is a great read if you want to know what it takes to find the right property for vacation rentals and what it takes to make it successful. Hoasty can help you do both of those things, as well. If you are looking to see what markets are best for vacation rentals check out HoastyInvest. We breakdown 10 properties a week in different states all over the US to see where the best investment for short term rental is right now. Factoring in regulations and demand, HoastyInvest is what you want before you buy.

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