Seminole Looks at Rules for Airbnb, Vacation Rentals

“After all, Central Florida is one of the top tourist destinations in the world with an estimated 72 million visitors a year. Many homeowners see a lucrative opportunity in opening up their homes to out-of-towners wanting to avoid crowded and expensive hotels.

In 2018, about 4.5 million visitors used Airbnb in Florida, providing homeowners and hosts $810 million in supplemental income, according to the company.

In Seminole, about 22,000 visitors used Airbnb in 2018. That’s roughly double the number from 2017. Elsewhere in Central Florida, Osceola had about 640,000 guests; Orange, 338,000; and Lake 49,000, according to numbers provided by Airbnb.

“We’re seeing the fastest growth outside the large, urban areas,” said Ben Breit, a company spokesman.”

Florida is the place to be y’all. Regulations are getting updated but the rights of property owners in Florida will always be important. We will still need to double check with certain neighborhoods and city ordinances on noise and parking, but things are looking real good down there. Find the article by clicking on the source link below and see what’s going down in Florida.

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