Louisville is Proposing a 600-foot Rule for Airbnbs: Compromise or Catastrophe?

"It's very healthy for us to have short-term rentals alongside the hospitality market inside a neighborhood, the same way that Uber and Lyft are healthy alternatives for taxicabs and buses. And it's the way it's going," Hill said. "We can't put the genie back in the bottle."

A healthy market, Hill said, will balance out over time: "All that will come together, if we just let it do it on its own, with guidance and supervision of those that can enforce the proper oversight. The thing is, it's an evolution."

Louisville has some new regulations coming down the line but they understand how the market is changing.


It is a 600-feet rule. The proposal prohibits newly registered, nonowner occupied properties from being within 600 feet of another short-term rental in residential areas. Not the worst - just information. Check out our blog post this week to see how things are evolving in Louisville by clicking on the source link below.

Could be a rule that pops up again somewhere else.