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Hoasty turns short term rental properties into experiential marketing hubs to infuse vacations with magical moments with new brands and services.


Why short term rentals?

On vacation, people are in a unique mindset. When visiting a new place, people are open to new foods, experiences, products and even ways of life.

For brands, we provide a unique opportunity to create unique moments with your product in a natural environment at no cost. Long gone are the days of big box retailers and show rooms, here to stay are experiential marketing hubs.

Each Hoasty Unit sees 1000’s of guests per year. Each interacting, posting and sharing their experience with a new product or service they happened to encounter on vacation.

How do vacationers know it’s our brand?

When brands select as their experiential marketing partner, we take our role seriously in directing traffic and positive return on investment for their investment.

Therefore Hoasty uses a number of tools to incentivise customer engagement.

  • is our web-platform to quickly enable customers to search the address they stayed at, and find what products they experienced

  • Trackable Links from our page to your product page

  • Incentivise sharing social media with special discounts & coupons for products and services they have experienced.

Spark wonder with your brand.

Infuse your brand in memories and stories of a fantastic vacation. is developing a wide variety of properties in markets across the USA to leverage product launches, partnerships, experiential marketing, local events and so much more.

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