Our Service: Short Term Rental Management


At the core of Hoasty, we manage Vacation Rentals.

Hoasty charges 20% of the gross short term rental income to handle cleaning, management, turn over and so much more.(As well as keep the cleaning fee)

Our goal is to be a passive income generator for our Real Estate Investor property owners.

Compliance & Regulations

In a constantly changing environment of federal, state and city ordinances, Hoasty.co keeps our property owners compliant.

We not only stay ahead of the curve, but help our customers keep up to date licensure and support for their short term rental.

Partner with us to keep yourself compliant, and your business booming.

Leverage our multi-listing system.

Although there are dominant players in the market like Airbnb, but other platforms receive millions of visits and bookings per year as well.

Want to increase nights booked?

Hoasty manages bookings across all major platforms for booking short term rentals, enabling our customers to drive more traffic and revenue to their properties.

Curious about your property’s earning potential?

We will be more than happy to run the numbers.

Simply click the Hire Us link, and put in your property’s information.

We never charge for estimates on properties, no matter how many. Additionally we will give you a full report of future revenue potential; including the extra revenue you can make with Hoasty Partnerships.

But what is Hoasty’s secret sauce?

Why do Hoasty customers make more money?

Why do Hoasty customers have higher ratings?

Why do Hoasty customers have more bookings?

Submit your property address to Hoasty.co to speak with our Founder & CEO, and find out.

Earn $200 per Door
for Hoasty Customer Referrals

Hoasty is the fastest growing Vacation Rental Management Start-Up in the USA (Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway)

Hoasty pays $200 Per Door for new clients that select Hoasty to manage their Vacation Rentals.

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It all started when…

Ken G. Barton got interested in Real Estate. To tell the truth, his mother & father (Theresa & Nick Barton) had been investing in Real Estate for decades but Ken saw it as a less than exciting opportunity.

But with the rise of millennial travel trends, and after Ken learned Mandarin Chinese and traveled to over 30+ countries… he saw the value in physical space and the investment into real estate.

He founded Hoasty.co in early 2019 with the passion to help his customers grow their Real Estate Empire.

Reach out to him on any of the platforms below.


Hoasty is Hiring!

Role: Operations Manager

We are looking for a few smart folks interested in the operations of a rapid growth tech startup. Skills we love:

  • Attention to detail

  • Excitement to work remotely

  • Over achievement

  • Innovation (We need your 🧠 to grow)

  • Obsessively efficient

  • LGBTQ+ supportive

Role: Sales Manager

Are you looking to surround yourself will multi-millionaire Real Estate investors and get paid to network with them? Here’s what we are looking for in our our Sales Manager role:

  • Outgoing personality

  • Self-starter

  • Goals oriented

  • Strategic

  • Obsessive follow-up

  • A little weird

  • LGBTQ+ supportive

Interested in either role?

Please email Ken@hoasty.co with your resume, a cover letter and a 60 second video of you pitching us on why you are the perfect fit for Hoasty!